Daily Doodle

"Daily Doodle" is an ideology was born of one of the greatest habits that humans can acquire throughout life, it is the faculty to preserve our memories, to review them again and again, analyze and convert the means of acquiring new and pleasant experiences. Records represent what has made prevail the legacy of the greatest cultures and let us learn more about our ancestors, who they were, what they did and why we honor them. Daily Doodle is not exactly making a drawing every day, but use pictures to decorate stories and experiences in a journal. *All photos courtesy by: Fernando Robles. You can watch the video presentation at www.pechakuchategus.org

"Gold Seeker"
"Maquahuitl against sword"
"Dreams keeper"
"Ancient Enemies"
"Lumah Quest"
"Croak Actarius"
"Old Zephire the Fisher"
"Gaul the Druid"
"On my opinion"
"The Last Dragon Egg"
"Baconus the Warrior"
"We made it!"
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