Fantasy Vademécum

Fantasy Vademécum \ˌvā-dē-ˈmē-kəm, (A referential handbook usually carried on one's person) is a hand-drawn illustration project consisting of a total of 100 mythical creatures in uniquely whimsical situations. The project builds on the life and situations of these magical living forms. It depicts dragons, elves, fairies, unicorns, gnomes and other mythical beings that can only come from a creative imagination. Each piece of the Fantasy Vademécum series is an individual creature depicted in a setting of reflection and whimsy. They are hand-drawn with ink on watercolor paper enclosed in a 12.5 by 12.5 centimeter wooden frame. All the Original pieces will be displayed in local and international exhibitions before they are released for sale around the world. The soul of Fantasy Vademécum is to connect people to imaginary creatures living in a fable world. The pieces are kept to a small but lively detailed format in order to be bite-sized portions of art that stir individual imaginations, hence it becomes a motivation to comprehend the unlimited possibilities that only the human imagination has. The art will also be showcasing through an Instagram gallery (@fantasy_vademecum) all the pieces as they are being created until the very last day of the planned exhibitions.

"Young Unicorn"
"Zivarild the rodent wizard"
"Tadum the nutshell helmet"
"Newborn Fairy"
"Early Ambition"
"Stinger Kobold"
"Faun's Quest"
"Seeker Hobbit" 
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