TEDx "Ideas inspire ideas."

IDEAS THAT INSPIRE IDEAS: Humanity throughout history has been built using important ideas that have revolutionized the way we see the world: artistic trends, the abolition of slavery, and even the theory of the Big Bang. Ideas are unique and inspire other ideas. They transcend generations and influence politics, arts, science, technology and even the fight for human rights. TEDx is a multidisciplinary space for the sharing of ideas that have transformed and will keep transforming humanity for good. It is an event to talk about ideas that inspired great changes in the world. Ideas that inspire ideas is a concept that speaks of how an idea passes on from generation to generation, and will keep spreading to succeeding generations alike. If there is something that history has taught us, is that great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere in the world, and can be forever carried on in our collective minds.

TEDx Tegucigalpa
Ogilvy & Mather Honduras
Creative Direction, Art Direction and copywriting:
Frank Sandres, César Chinchilla
César Chinchilla, F5 Status

TEDx organizer:
Yamil Gonzales 

Mockups designed by Freepik.com

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TEDx Tegucigalpa Auditorium
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